Pricing starts from $775.00, price is inclusive of one body area being treated.

Prior to your coolsculpting procedure you will have a comprehensive assessment with one of our Dermal Therapists.

On your consultation day, you will meet with one of our experienced Dermal Therapists’, who will explain the coolsculpting procedure in depth with you so you fully understand how the treatment works, what it does and they will then outline all the risks and benefits to you. Finally a full body assessment will be undertaken, firstly your therapist will determine if you a suitable candidate for the treatment. A suitable candidate is someone who is in a healthy weight range and presents with soft pliable fat that can be easily be drawn into the coolsculpting applicator.

Then a 360 body assessment will be performed, your areas of concern will be addressed and your Therapist will determine how many treatments will be required to achieve the sculpted look you desire.

Treatment plan includes:

  • Full body assessment
  • Personalised approach
  • Number of treatments required
  • Treatment schedule
  • Accurate quote – as an incentive for you after the first two areas are treated – each area is then $620.
  • Pre and post photos
  • Review/ follow up appointment