Based in Malvern and Richmond, YourBody brings together Australia’s largest group practice of fully qualified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and experienced nurses and Dermal Therapists.

At YourBody we have an experienced professional team, so you can feel assured that the highest standard quality of care is received when you undertake procedures with us.

Body contouring treatments are highly sought after for various reasons; whether it be due to pregnancy, weight loss or not being able to shift those last stubborn areas of fat with diet and exercise.

We can assist you with non invasive treatment options such as coolsculpting and we also offer liposuction for those seeking to have a larger area treated.

We understand that all individuals are different and everyone has their own specific concerns. This is why we undertake comprehensive consultations and develop a personalised treatment plan to address your needs.

Here at YourBody we strive to deliver the highest level of patient satisfaction and ensure you receive post procedure after care.