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Welcome to your new home for the most effective and loved body contouring procedures: CoolSculpting and Liposuction. These procedures go hand-in-hand as a great duo for shaping your dream body. Pricing starts at $775 ($725 Launch Special, for a limited time).

Why Choose YourBody?

Quality Treatment

All of our surgeons are fully qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeons, not cosmetic physicians. For your safety and optimal results, we have a very experienced surgical staff in Victoria who are eager to help you look and feel your best.

Our surgeons are dedicated to helping your reach your body contouring goals, whatever they may be. During a consultation, you will have a chance to voice you concerns and intentions for the procedure, and your therapist will help you devise a plan to give you the results that fit your desires and your body’s needs.

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Body Contouring of TODAY

While Liposuction has been a popular procedure for decades, CoolSculpting is newer to the market, offering a safer and easier way to shed extra fat and sculpt a lean physique. These procedures have caused the world of body contouring to erupt, giving more options than ever to actualize the body you want.

Reshaping your body by removing excess fat is more than just a cosmetic “quick fix”, as some may call it, and provides many health benefits as well. By slimming down and removing excess fat, you will improve your health dramatically by easing the function of your organs and causing less stress on the body. Typically posture is improved and stamina increased when your body is carrying less weight. Not to mention, the benefits that losing weight has on psychological health are extremely significant. Being confident in your own skin is a commodity that we are constantly searching for, and with these procedures, we think we can help you find it.

Many people carry extra weight in certain parts of the body because of their genetic makeup. Tireless hours of exercise and a clean diet may diminish the problem, but will not completely remove the fat. Liposuction and CoolSculpting are so beneficial because they actually work to get rid of these excess fat pockets for good. Stepping out with pride in the way your body looks is a feeling you will not forget.

What’s New With Liposuction?

Liposuction has come a long way since its early days, but it remains the most popular and effective method of removing large amounts of excess fat from the body. For patients who desire more dramatic results and may be 13 or more kilos overweight, liposuction will be an ideal option for your procedure.

Because liposuction literally removes fat from the body, the area treated is still susceptible to weight gain. If you are considering a body contouring procedure, you should consider modifying your diet and exercise routines as well. Prepare your body for the treatment as well as for keeping your slim figure for years to come. Your best results are dependent on your own efforts to maintain them and LOVE your new body forever.

Your Sculpted Body Awaits

CoolSculpting is the newest non-surgical treatment for removing fat in a revolutionary way. This treatment uses technology to freeze away your fat. In a quick, painless procedure, the fat in the treated area will be frozen and over the next few weeks will dissolve and leave your body. It is so easy, it sounds too good to be true!

Results from CoolSculpting have been so positive, it has become one the most popular non-surgical body contouring procedure and a celebrity favourite. You can now have the red-carpet treatment to looking your best in any outfit, right from our offices. This procedure will help you to put the finishing touches on your dream body and help you walk with the confidence you deserve.

We Would Love to Meet You

At YourBody, we believe our patients are each VIP, and aim to treat you accordingly. We pride ourselves on making each of our patients a priority and making you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your time with us. You should never go through with a procedure if you were not fully confident in your decisions and surgeons. We would love to meet you, and learn more about your body contouring goals.

Please feel free to contact our offices to schedule a consultation or learn more about our procedures. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and guide you through the process of booking your procedure. Call us at 1300 fat2freeze (1300 328 237) to speak with one of our staff and schedule your next body contouring treatment.